Tran Anh Kim

Current Status: Sentenced

Photo of Tran Anh Kim

Other Names: Trần Anh Kim

Date of Birth: 1949

Gender: M


Ethnicity: Kinh

Occupation: Veteran

Latest Prison: Prison No. 5, Thanh Hoa province

Areas of Activism:

  • Democracy
  • Human rights

Known Affiliations:

  • Democratic Party of Vietnam
  • Bloc 8406

Arrest History

Arrest 1

July 7, 2009
December 28, 2009
5 years 6 months in prison
  • Art. 79
January 7, 2015

Arrest 2

September 21, 2015
December 16, 2016
13 years in prison
  • Art. 79
September 21, 2028
Defense Counsels: Tran Thu Nam


December 2017:

December 16 marked one year since retired military officer Tran Anh Kim and ex-soldier Le Thanh Tung were sentenced to 13 and 12 years in prison, respectively, under Article 79. On December 17, Tran Anh Kim’s wife visited him in prison and shared with his friends that Kim is in poor health. 

Tran Anh Kim is from Thai Binh province in northern Vietnam. He is a retired military officer and fought in the Vietnam War. 

Tran Anh Kim has long been a supporter of democracy and a critic of perceived Communist Party corruption. He was also an initial supporter of pro-democracy group, Bloc 8406. At the time of his second arrest, he was planning to establish a pro-democracy organization called the “National Force to Launch the Democracy Flag," along with Le Thanh Tung and four others he had not met in person. 


First arrest:

Tran Anh Kim was arrested in 2009 for alleged ties to the banned Democratic Party of Vietnam. He was sentenced to 5.5 years under Article 79. He was previously been arrested in 1991 and 1994 whils still in the military. 

Second arrest:

Police came and arrested Kim at his home on September 21, 2015, searching the home and calling his wife in for interrogation as well. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison under Article 79 on December 16, 2016, along with Le Thanh Tung, who received 12 years.

May 2017:

Kim and Tungs' appeals of their sentences were denied on May 26, 2017.

August 2017:

Tran Anh Kim and Le Thanh Tung were moved to another prison farther from their homes (from Ha Nam to Thanh Hoa province). Their families were not informed of this transfer at the time.  

December 2017:

After a visit on December 17, Kim's wife reported that he is suffering from prostatitis, which has been getting more serious. The prison’s infirmary is unable to treat him, but the prison’s authorities have not yet permitted him to be sent to the province’s hospital to receive treatment, saying they are still waiting for their superiors’ order. Kim is currently detained at Prison No. 5, Thanh Hoa province. Read more in English, here.

January 2015:

Human Rights Watch condemned an physical attack on 12 activists who went to Kim's home to visit him after his initial release from prison. The activists were stopped after leaving Kim's house, and when they refused to be taken in for questioning, they were attacked by thugs, thought to be working with police themselves.

December 2016:

US Ambassador to Vietnam at the time, Ted Osius, expressed worries after Kim and Le Thanh Tungs' trial. 

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