Support the Families


Suffering detention or imprisonment merely on account of one’s political or religious beliefs is a harsh reality (as well as a state practice that is both internationally condemned and a violation of law in most developed countries). Yet such suffering is magnified immeasurably when a political prisoner is no longer able to provide or care for a loved one or dependent, such as young children, aging parents, forlorn spouses, and other dependents. We can show our support by helping their families and dependents during what is often a very desperate time. 

This initiative is a humanitarian one. Its purpose is to support the family members and dependents of political prisoners, who, by no fault of their own, suffer the consequences of socio-political conflict. For this reason, appeals on this site will not be used to fund the social or political activist activities of political prisoners themselves or other activists.

We will post appeals for financial support for costs related to living expenses, health and/or education for a family member or dependent of a political prisoner in Vietnam, and facilitate the donation process in a way that is a most convenient and safe for the families. 

This page is currently under construction.  Please check back again soon.


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