Pham Van Troi

Current Status: Pre-trial detention

Photo of Pham Van Troi

Other Names: Phạm Văn Trội

Date of Birth: October 10, 1972

Gender: M


Ethnicity: Kinh

Occupation: Writer

Latest Prison: B14 Detention Center, Hanoi

Areas of Activism:

  • Democracy
  • Human rights
  • Labor rights
  • Land rights

Known Affiliations:

  • Brotherhood for Democracy

Arrest History

Arrest 1

September 11, 2008
October 8, 2009
4 years in prison
  • Art. 88
September 11, 2012

Arrest 2

July 30, 2017
  • Art. 79


December 2017:

After finishing their investigation, authorities have recommended that Brotherhood for Democracy member Pham Van Troi be prosecuted. 

Pham Van Troi is a human rights and pro-democracy activist and member of the Broterhood for Democracy, which was founded by imprisoned human rights lawyey Nguyen Van Dai. He was previously president of the group. Troi has faced harassment for authorities for his activism. In May 2015, he was one of many activists barred from meeting with US diplomats during the US and Vietnam's Human Righs Diailogue. His home was also attacked by plainclothes agents in December 2016. 

First arrest:
Pham Van Troi was arrested in 2008 and later sentenced in 2010 four years in prison under Article 88 of the 1999 Criminal Code ("propaganda against the state").
Second arrest:
Pham Van Troi was arrested at his home in Hanoi on July 30, 2017. Also arrested, coinciding with Troi's arrest, were Pastor Nguyen Trung Ton, Truong Minh Duc, and Nguyen Bac Truyen (who was assumed to be arrested after being kidnapped). Troi was charged under Article 79 of the 1999 Criminal Code for subversion. 
December 2017:
Authorities announced they finished investigations into several members of the Brotherhood for Democracy, a group founded by lawyer Nguyen Van Dai that was targeted with harassment and arrests during much of 2017. Authorities have recommended that members Nguyen Trung Ton, Pham Van Troi, Nguyen Bac Truyen, Truong Minh Duc, and Dai and his colleague Le Thu Ha, be prosecuted. 

September 2017:

Amnesty International released an Urgent Action for Pham Van Troi, Truong Minh Duc, and Nguyen Trung Ton. The three were arrested on July 30, 2017, under Article 79 for ties to the Brotherhood for Democracy. They are being held in incommunicado detention and need access to healthcare treatment.

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